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Use this template to create a reference list in small font for an article. Note that there is no consensus that small font size should always be used for all references; when normal-sized font is more appropriate on an article, use <references /> instead.


Type {{reflist|<...>}} where you would normally type <references/>. If used with no parameters, it will produce a reference list with a single column.

Multiple columns

Using {{reflist|2}} will create a two-column reference list, and {{reflist|3}} will create a three-column list. Three-column lists are inaccessible to users with smaller/laptop monitors and should be avoided.

Note: multiple columns currently render properly only in Mozilla Firefox and other Gecko-based browsers and Safari 3, though the feature is included in CSS3 so it should work for a larger number of browsers in the future.


Using {{reflist|group=<groupname>}} will create a reference list for grouped citations. Such citations are not displayed in a normal reference list, and are used to separate different types of references. For example, episode citations defined using {{CiteEp}} are displayed in the reference group "ep".

Sample output


CSS used

.references-small { font-size: 90%; }

See also

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