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We want to make Chat a welcoming and helpful place for new and returning visitors alike. In order to best provide an environment in which we can give help and support to users who need it, please keep in mind the following guidelines when using Chat.

  • Be polite - Everyone else on Chat is a Wikia user just like you! Speak to them like you would want to be spoken to yourself. Avoid personal attacks and offensive slurs, as this can easily offend other users. Be excellent to each other.
  • Be welcoming - New users join Wikia every day! Remember when you were a newbie? Everyone is welcome at Community Central, regardless of what wiki they're from or what language they speak.
  • Be patient - You may ask a question when no one is around to answer it. If no one appears to be active, stick around for a while or try coming back later. When in doubt, feel free to send questions or concerns to Special:Contact.
  • Be a catalyst - If nobody's talking, try bringing up something you want to discuss. Need help on your wiki? Seen any good movies? Have an awesome day at school or work? These are all are good starting points for conversation.
  • Try not to flood the chatroom - Doing so makes it difficult for users to communicate and answer questions, as messages quickly disappear. Spam includes (but is not limited to) typing random letters, typing each word of a sentence on a different line, creating ASCII art, or lines in ALL CAPS. PLEASE DON"T SHOUT!
  • Feel free to tell people about your wiki - While Chat is an awesome plce to try and find new editors, please keep in mind that not everyone may be interested your wiki's subject. Feel free to add it to this list, or create a blog post to let everyone know about it!
  • Keep it fun! - Chat should be fun for all participants. Chat is a great tool for meeting great people and building community, so relax, enjoy yourself, and help others have a good time, too! :)

At all times, please comply with chatmod and Staff requests. Failure to do so may result in a warning which then may lead to you being kicked or banned from Chat.

Tips & Tricks[]

  • There are a wide variety of emoticons which can be used in Chat. For the full list, see MediaWiki:Emoticons.
  • Links work exactly the same in Chat as they do in the editor. For example, typing [[Forum:Index]] in Chat results in Forum:Index - the main forum page of Community Central.
  • You can make shorter links to other wikis by using an interwiki link. For example, typing [[w:c:starwars]] in Chat results in w:c:starwars - an easy way to link to Wookieepedia (http://starwars.wikia.com).
  • You can also link to specific pages using this method. Typing [[w:c:avatar:Aang]] in Chat results in a link to the Aang page on Avatar Wiki (http://avatar.wikia.com/wiki/Aang).